A Case Study in Marketing Solutions For The Clean Energy Sector

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As the energy industry continues through a radical transformation, we at ENERGY partner with organizations to enhance their brand presence, drive growth through performance marketing and optimize it all with data-powered insights. Let’s uncover some of the success that ENERGY has brought to one of our clients, The Green Panel.


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Brand awareness and digital presence are critical in the ever-crowded field of clean energy products and services. ENERGY rebuilt and refined the Green Panel brand to differentiate their value and make their offerings stand out to an audience of ever-growing customers.

In 2021, the Green Panel invested in a physical storefront and updated its web presence. For years, their website lacked the sophisticated look, feel and functionality they needed to drive leads. By partnering with ENERGY, The Green Panel was able to completely relaunch their web presence, brand identity, and back-end sales and analytics tools in under 3 months.


ENERGY implemented cutting edge technology to help transform our business, and in a very short time we’ve seen tremendous growth.

Adam Harris
The Green Panel


Digital-first companies are more likely to achieve their business goals than their peers




Performance marketing was essential to drive new customer acquisition for The Green Panel and re-market to their existing customers. ENERGY specializes in growth advertising tactics ranging from search to display to connected television (CTV).

The ENERGY team launched AI-powered digital media campaigns that targeted Green Panel’s most profitable customer segments. Sales automation tools automatically directed these highly qualified leads into a database, where the appropriate salesperson can invite them to their store, set up a home consultation, or follow-up over the phone

Consistency and predictability allow businesses like The Green Panel to grow.


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Data-driven insights gave The Green Panel a competitive edge — by identifying marketing tactics that are performing — and most critically, those that were not. ENERGY utilizes our team’s vast experience in analytics and technology solutions to deliver your organization a continuous optimization approach to marketing.

Real-time data dashboards were built to guarantee information was at their fingertips and data-driven decisions could be made quickly. Within a month of launching their digital advertising campaigns and other marketing activities, The Green Panel’s lead volume increased by 54% year over year (YoY) and ad click-through rate (CTR) topped industry benchmarks landing at 3.97%. Predictably, every month over 100 new leads are generated and advertising costs are stable.

Partnering with ENERGY allows The Green Panel’s leadership team to put more time into strategic initiatives and less time on tactical day-to-day task management.



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